Here you find all parasailing-equipment you need for your parasail operation. Besides parasails for sale you also find other needed parasailing-equipment, such as special waxed ropes for parasailing-winch, parasailing harness, parasail-lifejackets, tandem/ triple bar for 2/3 persons parasailing operations.

Parachutes/ Parasails

We produce double silicon (1.6.) parasails which have longer endurance than normal parasails. They are under hard and bad conditions throughout the day; sun, water and salt! Choose your own colors or logo for your own custom made parasail

Furthermore we do produce now our “parasail for sale” protected with Nano Technology.

Parasail/ Parachutes Sizes

• parachutes SP 24/ Single Seat (40 kg – max. 100kg), wind (60 hp) – 45 qm

• parachutes FL 26/ Single Seat (min.40kg – max. 140kg),wind (80 hp)/ 55 qm

• parachutes PE 28/ Double Seats(min.40kg – max.200kg),wind (85 hp)/ 59qm

• parasail DO 30/ Double Seats(min.45kg – max.220kg),wind (90hp)/ 65qm

• parachute DO 32/ Double Seats(min.55kg – max.230kg),wind (60kph)/73 qm

• parachute Type CA 34/ Triple Seats (min.65kg – max.260kg), wind (23kph)/ 83 qm

• parachute JA 36/ Triple Seats (min.75kg – max.270kg), wind (22kph)/ 102qm

• parachute EA 38/ Triple Seats( min.80kg – max.290kg), wind (21kph)/ 110qm

Parasailing Branding/ Parasail with Logo/ Smiley Parasail

You can select your individual parasail colors and we can also print your logo on it or smile at your clients with a smiley.

Harness for Parasails

Parasailing-harness needs to be purchased once. We offer them in the size S-XL


Parasailing Winch Rope

Rope is an expendable part of the parasail-equipment; therefore we introduce a special waxed rope that was mainly produced for professional usage of a parasailing winch. The length ranges from 200 to 400 meter.

Tandem/ Triple Bar

For double or triple parasails flight operations you need a special tandem/ triple bar.