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When pursuing a career in diving you need the correct boat, to carry your equipment and ensure all passengers are happy.

Features that make a boat suitable for use by divers are:

• Sufficient space and stability to carry the divers and their equipment

• Facilities for the divers to enter the water from the boat and board the boat from in the water

Safety equipment may be required, either by legislation or the diver certification agency to which the boat operator is affiliated. This will usually include:

• marine VHF radio

• small craft emergency equipment – life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers and other equipment according to the size and operating range of the boat

• oxygen first aid equipment

• diving shot

• a signal flag to indicate that divers are in the water.

On larger boats additional diving support facilities may also be present:

• high pressure diving air compressor

• gas blending panel

• recompression chamber