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Commercial Boat Building – for all your water sport needs

We specialise in parasailing boats, speed boats, taxi boats, self-travel trailers, beach trailers and hydraulic winch systems.


A boat building team that is here to support your business

Commercial Boat Building aims to live by their motto Innovation Beyond Adventure. We aim to always have world class products made with the highest quality, workmanship and detail. We work around the clock researching and developing our products; from the new parasailing boats, speed boats, self travel trailers, tow trailers and the hydraulic winch systems.

Commercial Boat Building offers training to all watersport businesses to take them to the next level. With a combination of over 45 years of experience we can really help you with your business. Learn special techniques to reduce fuel usage while parasailing, learn how to manage the office and staff.

Have you dreamt of your own business?

  • Over 45 years of experience
  • Constant research and development
  • Latest technology used for every product
  • Double bottom boats for added safety
  • Professional international service – we aim to please


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CBB - Innovation Beyond Adventure works hard to help get watersports businesses working succesfully all around the world.
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